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Notes and News

  • 2015-16 Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program Memo [pdf] or [Word] and RFA [pdf] or [Word] ~ January 21, 2016
  • RFA training workshops announcement and schedule [pdf] ~ January 21, 2016
  • Change in the Reporting Deadline for Basic Skills Initiative Fiscal Years 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 October 1, 2015 ~ [Excel]
  • 2015-16 Basic Skills Initiative Annual Expenditure Plan Submission Deadlines and Instructions Memo [pdf] or [Word] and Online Reporting Template [pdf] or [Word]


Basic Skills Allocations

  • Allocation Calculation Spreadsheet ~ [Excel]
  • Basic Skills Expenditure Guidelines ~ [pdf]
  • FY 2015/2016 Advance Estimate ~ [pdf]
  • FY 2014/2015 P2 ~ [pdf]
  • FY 2014/2015 P1 ~ [pdf]



Grants, Reports and Program Forms     

  • 2015-16 Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program Memo [Word] or [pdf] and RFA [Word] or [pdf]
  • Expenditure Report Form Updated 07/13/15 ~ [Excel]
  • BSI Plan Certification Form 2015-16 ~ (pdf) or (Word))



Basic Skills and English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Chancellor's Office sub-unit responsible for Credit and Noncredit Basic Skills and English as a Second Language (ESL) and provides State Leadership activities for the colleges, including, technical assistance; program evaluation; faculty/staff development; research and identification of emerging issues; advocacy; and special project funding and monitoring. The sub-unit also answers requests for information on community college Basic Skills and ESL activities from the public, lawmakers, the media and other interested parties.

In addition to providing overall coordination of sub-unit activities, this web page provides a forum for discussion and dissemination of research findings and other information on the public value of Basic Skills and ESL instruction and on resource needs and policy issues related to serving underprepared students in the California Community Colleges.

Strategic Goals for Basic Skills and ESL:

  • To maximize the effectiveness and efficient utilization of the system's Basic Skills and ESL resources.
  • To identify, promote, and disseminate information on exemplary programs and effective practices in serving academically underprepared community college students, to achieve program improvements through their replication and adaptation to the unique characteristics of individual community colleges/districts.
  • To recognize and inform the public about the system's achievement on the basic skills mission and on how that contributes to the availability of outcome data on post-secondary and/or employment goals attained by students who were academically under-prepared when they entered community colleges.

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Selected External Resources

  • California Mathematics Council, Community Colleges:  A list of resources that relate to California and national math initiatives, including acceleration.
  • California Pathways: The Second Language Student in Public High Schools, Colleges, and Universities: An overview of the issues involved in education second language students in California; includes proficiency descriptors by skill and level.
  • ICAS Competency Documents: The Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senate is responsible for regularly updating competency statements for entering students. Of particular interest are the statements for Academic Literacy and Mathematics.
  • Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy (IHELP): Under the leadership of Nancy Shulock, the Institute has published several influential community college reports on student access and success, accountability, and funding.
  • Common Core State Standards: These standards have been adopted to improve the success of graduates from K12. You will hear these standards mentioned in educational discussions at every level.
  • Getting Past Go: A project of the Education Commission of the States to use policy levers to improve developmental education in higher education. The Common Core State Standards are an important aspect of the work.

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   Contact Information  

For assistance, contact: 
     Eric L. Nelson, Ph.D.  


2014-15 Basic Skills
Coordinators Directory


2014-15 Basic Skills
Advisory Committee

Program Reports

  • English as a Second Language/Basic Skills Professional Development Grant Report [pdf] ~ September 2014
  • English as a Second Language/Basic Skills Professional Development Grant Report [pdf] ~ September 2013
  • English as a Second Language/Basic Skills Professional Development Grant Report [pdf] ~ October 2012