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California Community College Curriculum Committee (CCCCC)



The California Community College Curriculum Committee (CCCCC) provides a collaborative forum for system level discussions pertaining to curriculum to inform related Chancellor's Office policies and practices. The committee will discuss and make recommendations on such topics as course and program approval processes, training the field about curriculum policies, title 5 changes, and related curricular issues.


  • Ensure quality, integrity, compliance, collaboration and transparency in its activities and with respect to curricular decisions.
  • Align approval processes for all programs (i.e., credit, noncredit, general education, career technical education).
  • Emulate best practices that are already established at local colleges.
  • Ensure a consistent faculty presence at all levels of curricular design and approval.
  • Provide a process that is responsive, inclusive,creative, flexible, timely and open to change.
  • Put students first by always considering their needs.
  • Promote necessary support and training for local colleges.
  • Evaluate the committee and its processes, adjusting as needed.
  • Ensure continuity of membership through staggered terms.
  • Work collaboratively with representatives from key stakeholders on curricular issues


  • 6 faculty representatives appointed by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.
  • 4 representatives appointed by the Chief Instructional Officers.
  • 3 Chancellor's Office Staff (Vice Chancellor, Dean and 1 Specialist from the Academic Affairs Division)
  • CCCCC will invite others to attend/participate as needed on an ad-hoc basis Membership should recognize the need for representation by vocational and noncredit faculty and administrators. The committee will be co-chaired by an Academic Senate appointee and a CIO appointee.


Terms are for one year and are renewable.


Effective Practices - March 2010

CCCCC Committee Roster

List of Committee Members [pdf]

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Meeting Summaries


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