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CB-21 Course Prior to College Level Rubrics

CB 21 Course Prior to Transfer Rubrics The data element CB 21 indicates course levels in a sequence below the transferable course in Basic Skills English, ESL, mathematics, and reading. These sequences are used to report student progress through sequential basic skills courses statewide; to provide a matrix for the comparison of courses prior to transfer across all 112 community colleges; and to provide a common course level for reporting student placement.

Extensive re-coding of the CB 21 data element and some TOP codes became necessary to improve reporting for the legislated accountability reports (ARCC Assembly Bill (AB) 1417 and the ARCC supplemental Senate Bill (SB) 361) as well as to provide useful data to colleges concerning student placement, progress and success in basic skills. In 2009, a collaborative effort between the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges, partners in the Basic Skills Initiative, and Academic Affairs and Management Information Systems staff at the Chancellor’s Office identified the necessary changes to the data elements. The resulting levels below transfer rubrics developed by discipline faculty for the Chancellor’s Office to align with the data elements are provided below.