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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment programs introduce high school students to college-level work, by allowing them to take certain college courses along with their regular high school classes. 
Courses can be at a basic skill level (often intro-level English or Math), provide advanced academic work, or involve vocational or technical education. Students in dual enrollment programs – considered “special admit” students – must fulfill their required high school hours while taking any pre-college courses.
The purpose behind dual enrollment programs is to give students knowledge and skills - a pathway – that encourages them to continue on a postsecondary journey.
Did you know...Some schools have used the term “concurrent enrollment” instead of dual enrollment. Technically, they are interchangeable; however, dual enrollment is the preferred term and the one used in the California Education Code.  

The California CCAP STEM Pathways Academy Grant Request for Application and associated information is below:

RFA Grant Webinar for CCAP STEM Pathways Academy

CCAP STEM Pathways Academy Grant Application Technical Assistance Webinar (ppt)

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Q&A Document
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Memo California CCAP STEM Pathways Academy Grant [pdf] or [Word] ~ January 9, 2019

Request for Application (RFA) California CCAP Stem Pathways Academic Grant [pdf] or [Word] ~ January 9, 2019

Download the Dual Enrollment Toolkit

Legal Advisories and Opinions


  • If you have entered into a partnership with your local high school district and have a fully executed CCAP agreement, please submit to Academic Affairs, Attn: Raul Arambula. Once reviewed, an Acknowledgement of Receipt will be sent to the contact person on the CCAP agreement.
  • AB 288 College and Career Pathways Apportionment Eligibility Guidelines ~ March 11, 2016



Contact Information

  For assistance, contact:

Raul Arambula
Dean, Intersegmental Support

New Information



Assembly Bill No. 288 Chaptered [pdf] ~ October 8, 2015

Press Release

Chancellor's Office Press Release regarding AB 288 [pdf] or [Word] ~ November 2015