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Educational Programs and Professional Development

Under the direction of the Dean, the Educational Programs and Professional Development Unit primary responsibilities for the management, policy development, and implementation for all 114 community colleges as it relates to the following programs:

Distant Education (DE)
Online Education Initiative
Distance Education Policy
State Authorization
Distance Education and Educational Technology Advisory Committee (DEETAC)

Open Education Resources (OER)
Zero Textbook Cost Degree RFA [pdf] or [Word]
OER Consortium
OER Advisory Committee
California OER Council
 OER Library

Professional Development
Flexible Calendar Program
Professional Development Program
Minimum Qualifications and Credentials
Professional Development Advisory Committee

Instructional Support and Resources
Library and Learning Resources Programs
Library and Learning Resources Program Advisory Committee
Prerequisites, Corequisites and Advisories Report
Interstate Passport



   Contact Information  

For assistance, contact: 
     LeBaron Woodyard, Dean Ph.D.    
Erin Larson
Rita Levy



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