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Notes and News

  • OER Grant Proposal Reader Recruitment [pdf] or [Word] ~ 12-01-2016

Grants, Reports and Program Forms     

  • Grant Out-of-State Travel Request [pdf] or [Word]
  • 16-066 Grant Amendment Request [pdf] or [Word]
  • 16-080 Grant Amendment Request [pdf] or [Word]


Open Education Resources

This Initiative is responsible for the management, policy development and Implementation for the following special projects:

         Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree

Resources & Tools 

Regulatory References 

  • California Education Code 66408 - Academic Materials [pdf] or [Word
  • California Education Code 78050-78052 - Zero Textbook Cost Degree Grant Program [pdf] or [Word]
  • SB 1359 (Block, 2016) Public Postsecondary Education: Course Materials [pdf] or [Word]
  • SB 826 (Leno, 2016) Budget Act of 2016 [pdf] or [Word]
  • AB 1602 (2016) (Higher Education Trailer Bill) [pdf] or [Word]
  • AB 798 (Bonilla, 2015) College Textbook Affordability Act    
  • SB 1053 (Steinberg, 2012) California Digital Open Source Library [pdf] or [Word]
  • SB 1052 (Steinberg, 2012) Public Postsecondary Education: California Open Education Resources Council
  • AB 2261 (Ruskin, 2008) Community Colleges: Open Education Resources Centers [pdf] or [Word]





   Contact Information  

For assistance, contact: 
LeBaron Woodyard, Ph.D. 
Stephanie Ricks-Albert