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Student Success Conference March 14-16, 2016

Monday, March 14

Scaling and Sustaining a Pathway to Completion [pdf] or [Word]
Moving from Access to Completion [pdf] or [Word]
A Dual Enrollment Toolkit: A Resource for Supporting Postsecondary and Secondary Partnerships [pdf] or [Word]
Pathways to Noncredit Student Success [pdf] or [Word]
MESA: California's STEM Transfer Equity Model [pdf] or [Word]
Collaboration for Success: How Instruction and Student Support Work Together to Improve Success for new Students [pdf] or [Word]
Common Assessment - All the Details You Want and More! [pdf] or [Word]

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Strong Workforce Recommendations #3 & #6: Curriculum and Regional Coordination  [pdf] or [Word]
STEM Learning Communities: The Tangible and Intangible [pdf] or [Word]
Dual Enrollment Program-Early/Middle Colleges: Elevating College Readiness with California's Diverse Population Through Middle and Early College High Schools Student Focused Strategies for Success [pdf] or [Word], [pdf] or [Word], [pdf] or [Word]
Implementing a Cohort Scheduling Model Using Existing Pathways [pdf] or [Word]
Infusing Technology into Core Services for SSSP as Exemplified by The Promise Pathways Programs [pdf] or [Word]
Community College Pathways to Historically Black Colleges and Universities [pdf] or [Word]
Leveraging Data for Student Support: New Tools for Student Services Professionals and Students [pdf] or [Word]
IEPI-An innovative Approach to Improving Institutional Effectiveness and Student Services [pdf] or [Word]
CDCR Recommendations for Starting a Face to Face College Program In Prison [pdf] or [Word]
Implementing Partnerships and Technology to Enhance Student Preparation for College Enrollment [pdf] or [Word]
By the Numbers: How Data Can promote Effective Practices and Innovation In Student Assessment and Placement [pdf] or [Word]
OpenCCC, CCCApply, and Student Success [pdf] or [Word]
First-Generation Students: Who They Are and Why You Should Care [pdf] or [Word]

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pilot Colleges Speak Up: Experiences, Activities and Challenges Piloting the Common Assessment [pdf] or [Word]
The Online Education Initiative CCC Online Counseling Network (CCC-OCN) [pdf] or [Word] and OEI Student Support Services [pdf] or [Word]