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New Financial System at the Chancellor’s Office



I cannot thank you enough for your continued patience as the Chancellor’s Office works through the complex implementation of FI$Cal. I wanted to share some recent updates and training resources.    


Although we officially went live July 1, 2017, we did not start transacting into FI$Cal until January 2018 due to numerous technical hurdles. We are aware this has caused frustration since many districts submitted invoices as early as August 2017 and are now being returned for correction. We share that frustration with you. Now that we are on FI$Cal on a more regular and consistent basis, we have gained a better understanding of the requirements and process. With that said, we are happy to announce that our first FI$Cal Module is live on the Professional Learning Network (PLN). In this module, you will learn about the new requirements for submitting invoices to the Chancellor’s Office. The module also provides an illustrative flow chart, helpful templates, and instructions to explain the invoicing requirements and processes. We are currently updating our website to remove information that is now embedded in the FI$Cal Module.

Professional Learning Network, FI$Cal Module posted February 28, 2018