Facilities Planning Unit (FPU)

The Facilities Planning Unit (FPU) provides assistance and support to the California Community Colleges 72 districts encompassing 112 colleges, 72 approved off-campus centers, and 23 separately reported district offices. The system assets include over 24,398 acres of land, 5,192 buildings and 72.4 million gross square feet of space that includes 46.9 million assignable square feet of space. In addition, the system has innumerable off-campus outreach centers at various locations.  

The Facilities Planning Unit reviews and approves the districts’ Five-Year Capital Outlay Plans as part of the annual Capital Outlay Grant Application Process. Assistance and support is provided for the construction and remodeling of new buildings and centers.

District Assignments by Capital Outlay Specialist (Rev. 08/2013)

Susan Yeager, Administrator 
916.327.5366,  syeager@cccco.edu

Harold Flood, Capital Outlay
916.327.5364, hflood@cccco.edu

Sandy Jacobson, Capital Outlay
916.322.8515, sjacobson@cccco.edu

Cheryl Larry, Capital Outlay
916.327.5358, clarry@cccco.edu

Carlos Montoya, Capital Outlay
916.322.1438, cmontoya@cccco.edu

Hoang Nguyen, Capital Outlay
916.327.5363, hnguyen@cccco.edu

Jim Rogaski, Capital Outlay
916.324.9794, jrogaski@cccco.edu

Eric Thorson, Capital Outlay
916.322.2491, ethorson@cccco.edu

Lan Yuan, Capital Outlay
916.323.5957, lyuan@cccco.edu

General Telephone: 916.445.8283

Unit Fax: 916.323.8245

Facilities Planning Mailing Address:
California Community Colleges
Facilities Planning Unit
1102 Q Street, Suite 4554
Sacramento, CA 95811

For web assistance within College Finance and Facilities Planning please contact Elias Regalado at eregalad@cccco.edu