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Enrollment Fee Revenue Reporting - Education Code Section 76300 and 76140(k)

Due Dates

  • Current Year Estimates - January 15 and April 15
  • Prior Year Actual - September 15

Memo - Enrollment Fee Revenue Submission (pdf) posted 09-08-2014
Login - Enrollment Fee Revenue Web Based Program
 (College District submission)

 Property Tax and ERAF (Education Revenue Augmentation Fund)

Property Tax

Due Dates

  • Current Year Estimates - April 15 and November 15
  • Prior Year Actual - November 15

Memo - Property Tax and ERAF Submission (pdf) posted 09-08-2014
Login - Property Tax/ERAF Revenue Web Based Program  (County submission)

County Auditor Property Tax and ERAF Report  (College District view)