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Institutional Effectiveness Division

The Institutional Effectiveness Division oversees the development and operation of the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI).

IEPI is a statewide collaborative effort to help advance the effective practices of the California Community Colleges and, in the process, significantly reduce the number of accreditation sanctions and state and federal audit issues.

Most importantly, IEPI seeks to enhance the California Community College system’s ability to serve its students effectively and improve student success in measurable ways.  An important focus of the Initiative is to draw upon the exceptional expertise and innovation that exists within the system to advance promising practices and avoid potential pitfalls.

The three primary components of IEPI include: a framework of indicators, professional development, and technical assistance. 

For more information, please visit the IEPI Website:

link to IEPI website

Awards for Innovations in Higher Education

2017-18 Innovation Awards

Travel Forms

For Chancellor's Office staff traveling 
under the IEPI Specialized Training
Grant, please use the form below. 

Travel Reimbursement Agreement
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