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Institutional Effectiveness Division

Welcome to the Institutional Effectiveness Division. 
The Institutional Effectiveness Division oversees the development and operation of the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative.

The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) is a collaborative effort to help colleges and districts improve their fiscal and operational effectiveness and promote student success, while also reducing accreditation sanctions and audit findings. The goal of Institutional Effectiveness Division and IEPI is to draw upon expertise and innovation from colleges and districts to advancing best practices and avoiding potential pitfalls. The catalyst for these effort were the student success movement and the implementation of evidence-based strategies shown to improve educational outcomes for students whether their goal is earning a degree or certificate, career advancement or transfer. 

Our Initiative works alongside nearly every division of the Chancellor’s Office – including academic affairs, student services, economic and workforce development, research, and fiscal - to develop a Framework of Indicators focuses on accreditation, fiscal viability, student performance and outcomes, and compliance with state and federal guidelines.  Additionally, the Chancellor’s Office is working with the various divisions, partners and stakeholders to bolster the effective operations of our institutions and promote student success by providing Technical Assistance and Specialized Training opportunities. Finally, the IEPI and the IE Division endeavors to develop policies, practices, and procedures to guide each of the above-mentioned efforts.

Please check out the Institutional Effectiveness Website: