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Resources: Framework of Indicators Portal

Resources: Framework of Indicators Portal


Year-Three Framework of Indicators Memo & BOG Item

November 22, 2016 Memo: Requirement and Process for Adopting Institutional Effectiveness Goals Framework and 2017-18 IE College/District Goals (doc) (pdf)

Year-Three Framework of Indicators BOG Item 2.6 (pdf)

Checklist & Timeline

Checklist to Complete the Framework of Indicators Year-Three Data Submittal (doc) (pdf)

Institutional Effectiveness Framework of Indicators: Goal Setting Timeline (pdf)

Definitions & FAQ

Accreditation Status (doc) (pdf)

Fiscal Indicators and Regulatory Compliance (doc) (pdf)

Student Performance and Outcomes Metrics (doc) (pdf)

Guidance on Developing, Adopting and Publicly Posting the Goals Framework (doc) (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions (doc) (pdf)

Report: Year-Two

Data from the Institutional Effectiveness Indicator Portal: Year 2 (pdf)