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professional woman in front of building

Daily Specials

In the Office...

  • PURCHASING~~Office Supplies, Business Equipment, Furniture, Subscriptions
  • SERVICING~~Moving, Repairs, Online Subscriptions, Locks/Keys, Copiers, Membership Fees
  • MAILING~~Pick up Incoming Mail/Overnight Packages, Send Outgoing Mail/Overnight Packages
  • COPYING~~Large Reprographic Jobs=100+ Copies
  • TELEPHONING~~Desk Phone, Voicemail, Cell Phone
  • IDENTIFYING~~Employee ID Badge
  • MANAGING ASSETS~~Database for all Agency Furniture and Business Equipment
  • LOCATING CREDENTIALS~~Retrieve Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Teaching Credentials

In the Building...

  • BUILDING ISSUES~~Heating and Cooling, Lighting, Pest Control, Utilities Related, Restrooms Out-of-Order
  • CONSTRUCTING~~New Construction, Reconfigure Modular Systems Furniture, Agency Remodel
  • CLEANING ISSUES~~Windows, Carpet, Restrooms, Overall Work Areas, Janitorial Services

Hours of Operation

Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on all State observed holidays.

Chris Hoff~~916.322.4084 or