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College/District Equal Employment Opportunity

This unit is responsible for assisting community college districts in providing equal employment opportunity. It is also responsible for providing policy development, technical assistance, training, services, monitoring, and compliance activities. Some specific areas include: managing the Job Registry; assisting districts in developing and monitoring its equal employment opportunity plans; monitoring several equal employment opportunity projects; and coordination of the Dr. John W. Rice Equal Employment Opportunity awards.

What's New

  • 9-23-2013 Memo: Revision of Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations - PDF or Word
  • 9-23-2013: New EEO Regulations as filed with the Secretary of State - PDF or Word
  • 4-25-2012 Memo: Proposed Title 5 EEO Regulations and District EEO Plans (PDF or Word)
    • Note: This memo was issued before an agency web site upgrade and the first link in the memo is no longer operative. Please see "Updated Model Equal Employement Opportunity Plan ..." below.
  • Cover Memo for Model Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (4/09/07) (PDF or Word)
  • Updated Model Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and Guidelines for California Community Colleges | 2006 (4/03/07) (PDF or Word)

2014-2015 Equal Employment Opportunity Expenditure and Performance Reports

  • Cover Letter (PDF or Word)
  • Instructions (PDF or Word)
  • Expenditure Report Form and Performance Report Form (PDF or Word)

Related Regulations
To access the latest sections of the California Code of Regulations, click on the link and enter "5" in the "Title" box and the section number in the "Section" box. Note: The correct title for the Board of Governors' regulations is title "5," and not title "V." If you are having trouble gaining access, try refreshing your browser.

53000 et seq      Equal Employment Opportunity Programs
53021                 Recruitment
53022                 Job Announcements and Qualifications
53023                 Applicant Pool
53024                 Screening or Selection Procedures
53025                 Persons with Disabilities
53026                 Complaints

Equity and Diversity Task Force Recommendations (PDF or Word)

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