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Admissions and Records

Admissions and Records is the first point of contact for many students entering the California Community College system. Admissions and Records departments are responsible for all items, from application to graduation, pertaining to a student’s record. Admissions and Records offices may be comprised differently across the state. However, there are main components that are generally the same. Within each Admissions and Records office, the following items are processed: applications, collection of MIS Data Elements, residency, registration, enrollment or degree verification, transcripts, evaluation of external transcripts, prerequisite verifications, grades collected from faculty, drops processed from students and faculty, degree audit, graduation and petitions. Petitions also vary by campus but generally may include: overlapping classes, prerequisite challenge, repeating a course, removal of courses for nonattendance or late withdrawal, and late add, pass/no pass grading option. Some Admissions and Records offices are also responsible for noncredit, athletic eligibility, 320 reporting, participation in curriculum committees, cashiering, veterans’ eligibility, and beyond.

Admissions and Records offices also ensure that colleges are abiding by title 5 and Education Code standards. The Student Success Act of 2012 updated and made key changes to the existing title 5 Matriculation regulations. The Matriculation program was renamed the Student Success and Support Program.   Relevant sections of title 5 include, but are not limited to: residency (§ 54000 – 54072), enrollment priority (§ 58108), prerequisites (§ 55003 and 55510), appeals (§ 55510 and 55534), enrollment fees (§ 58500), and MIS data elements (§ 55511). All student records are also maintained in accordance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).   


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