College Program Contacts

The Chancellor’s Office has established the California Community Colleges CalWORKs State Advisory Committee. The Advisory committee body includes representatives from each of the 10 regions. The committee members provide guidance on policy development, overall program implementation, best practices, and identifies needs of students and the college CalWORKs programs. The Chancellor’s Office also provides funds each year to support regional efforts. Those efforts also include working collaboratively within their regions to develop better working relationships with other campus programs along with county and state partners in order to better serve CalWORKs Students.
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How to be added to the Chancellor's Office "calw-all" alias listserv:

To be added to this listserv, you must be a campus CalWORKs program coordinator. The "calw-all" provides official updates and information related to CalWORKs directors and coordinators disseminated by the Chancellor's Office. To receive “calw-all” listserv e-mails, please contact your district/college IT to request that an “calw-all” pointer be assigned to your work e-mail address.

How to be added to the Chancellor's Office listserv:

The California Community Colleges CalWORKs list serve provides a way to communicate across the state with campus CalWORKs Directors, Coordinator and other interested parties on issues related to CalWORKs. This CCC-CalWORKs discussion group is provided as a service by CCC Technology Center at Butte College. Anyone may subscribe to this list by sending a BLANK NON-HTML email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET and include the following words in the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE CCC-CALWORKS . PLEASE NOTE: The subject line of the message must be blank and the body of the message only contains the phrase: SUBSCRIBE CCC-CALWORKS command (No ‘signature’ lines). Please direct any questions to: David Albrecht, Information Systems Developer,CCC Technology Center, Phone: (530) 879-6137 - FAX: (530) 895-2881