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Financial literacy training directly impacts the lives of our students, even long after they leave school.  Studies show that by receiving financial education lessons people are more likely to save, invest, stay out of debt and have more money saved for retirement. The Department of Education states that financial literacy education lowers the risk of student loan defaults. 

·        CCC Financial Literacy Five Year Plan (link to document coming soon)

We have developed a five-year action plan with four ambitious goals, each with its own outcomes and measures. The action plan was developed in collaboration with Chris Shannon (prior Education Consultant at RASA Consulting and now Community Affairs Manager for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston), NEFE, our consultants (Parker, Pierson and Associates) and the CCCCO. The plan’s four goals are:

  •          Establish CashCourse® as the primary financial literacy education asset for the 113 California Community colleges
  •          Establish a campus culture of informed financial behaviors at California’s community colleges
  •          Increase financial literacy of community college students
  •          Increase financial literacy for communities throughout California


The CCCCO has partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) to use its free CashCourse® financial literacy product -used by over 700 colleges nationwide. CashCourse® was rolled out to all CA community colleges in August 2014, and there are now 85 colleges signed up to use the product.

The CCCCO has also partnered with the Jump$tart Coalition to use its financial literacy curriculum to prepare our college staff to become certified financial literacy trainers.

Our Advisory Committee meets quarterly to discuss progress, ideas, proposals and solutions. The Advisory Committee is composed of professionals and professors immersed in financial literacy advocacy such as: NEFE, NASFAA, Jumpstart Coalition, WISE, Lake Champlain College, The Ohio State University, The Federal Reserve of Boston, and the CC League.

This page provides you with the resources needed to begin financial literacy implementation on your college campus.


Implementation Plan

This financial literacy plan was being created as a vehicle to increase financial literacy at your college, as part of the California Community the College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) effort to increase financial literacy across the entire California Community College System and within the
communities in which colleges are located.

Financial Literacy Project Implementation Plan - MS Word

- Description of Phase One –Check list (link to PDF):
In Phase One the College will initiate a series of simple steps and activities designed to create a financial literacy presence across our campus.

Checklist PDF

- Description of Phase Two:
In Phase Two we will need to take key initial steps in order to create a culture of financial competence on our campus in order to create a “culture of financial competence.”

CCCCO Financial Literacy eCourse PDF

- Description of Phase Three:
Phase Three will involve delivering financial education to local education entities and individuals who live in the communities in which the College is located.


Here you will find all resources necessary to aid in your financial literacy implementation efforts. We will continue to add to this toolkit as new resources become available.

- CashCourse – Website content guide by subject (PDF) – link to file

- CashCoure – Social media posts– links to files:
Facebook MS Excel file
Twitter MS Excel file

- CashCourse - Workshop presentations, 2 of 12 available at your CashCourse Administrator site: Resource Library (Zip folders) – links to files
Budgeting Workshop Kit_CashCourse Zip folder
Credit_Everything You Need to Know_Workshop Kit_CashCourse Zip folder

- CashCourse – Tri-fold and handout publication with updated photos – links:
Letter size_female student JPEG image
Letter size_male student JPEG image
Quarter size_female student JPEG image
Quarter size_male student JPEG image

NEFE/CashCourse - Upcoming Webinars (CashCourse training for new administrators) registration and recorded webinars (partnerships, marketing and tools)

Other Resources

These resources include links to some useful websites and downloadable published research that may provide additional information and ideas that you could add to your financial literacy plan.

NEFE young adults and financial capability forum 2014 Financial Capability Among Young Adults:
Life After College - Drivers for Young Adult Success PDF
Money and Milestones - Financial Behavior, Debt, and Early Life Transitions PDF
Financial Literacy Guidance, FSA PDF

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston:
Financial Capabilities Group - website
Financial Capabilities Handbook PDF