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Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI)

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) recognizes the unique set of challenges and circumstances for youth from foster care regarding access to higher education. As a response, the CCCCO, in collaboration with the Foundation for California Community Colleges and other key stakeholders, launched the Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) in 2006. The purpose of the FYSI is to remove barriers that youth from foster care often encounter when attempting to access or attend an institute of higher education. They FYSI aims to improve outcomes for foster youth students by improving the following key areas:
  • Access to student and academic support services and resources
  • Term-to-term retention rates
  • Academic performance
  • Completion of certificate and degree programs
  • Transfer rates to baccalaureate

How do I find out more about the Foster Youth Success Initiative?

In order to find out more about FYSI, please contact the Statewide FYSI Liaison, Jessica Smith at or (916) 325-8562.

Statewide FYSI Liaison Bio:
Ms. Smith began her career as an AmeriCorps volunteer, and eventually moved on to work for a nonprofit mental health agency, providing Wraparound services to foster and probation youth throughout California. This is where her passion for the foster youth population blossomed. Ms. Smith holds a Master of Science Degree in Community Development from UC Davis, where she conducted a collaborative research study with local foster youth living in THP-Plus housing.


Quarterly FYSI Advisory Committee
  •   September 6, 2018 (Sacramento)


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