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Current FYSI Events and Training Opportunities

The following is a list of Events and Training Opportunities for FYSI Liaisons on campuses that are working to support foster youth students. These are professional development and networking opportunities designed to increase the capacity of FYSI Liaisons across the state.

Upcoming Regional Meetings and/or Calls: If you are a FYSI Liaison on your campus, please be sure to attend or tune into the Regional Call or Meeting scheduled by your Regional Representative. The calls and meetings are an opportunity to receive important updates and information, as well as troubleshoot problems together.

  • Region 2 Call: Thursday, December 14. Please contact the Region 2 Representative, Flo Charlie, for more information.
  • Region 3 Call: Thursday, August 10. Please contact the Region 3 Representative, Tia Holiday, for more information.
  • Region 6 Call: Tuesday, August 8. Please contact the Region 6 Representative, Anaisa Alonzo, for more information.
  • Region 8 Meetings: Friday, September 22; Friday, October 20; Friday, November 17; Please contact the Region 8 Representative, Yvette Tafoya, for more information.
  • Region 9 Call: Monday, October 9. Please contact the Region 9 Representative, Veronica Lehman, for more information.
  • Region 10 Meeting: Wednesday, October 25. Please contact the Region 10 Representative, Alexis Ayala, for more information.

Upcoming Regional Drive-In Events: Regional Drive-In Events are designed for FYSI Liaisons and their local community partners in a spirit of collaboration to support foster youth pursuing higher education.

  • Region 6 Event: Monday, September 11. Please contact the Region 6 Representative, Anaisa Alonzo, for more information.

Upcoming Web Seminar: Wednesday, November 1. Educational Results Partnership, in collaboration with California College Pathways, has published a new report regarding foster youth outcomes at California’s community colleges. “Accelerating Success: Turning Insights into Action for Foster Youth at California Community Colleges” provides college leaders with data driven approaches to improve foster youth outcomes, and shines a light on implications for policymakers. During the webinar, staff from Educational Results Partnership will share key findings from the report and demonstrate an interactive online dashboard that presents foster youth student outcomes at all California community colleges. Staff from John Burton Advocates for Youth will highlight the policy implications of this report and discuss next steps.To register, please click here.

Past FYSI Events and Training Opportunities

FYSI CONNECT (October 18, 2017 Los Angeles, CA): This Statewide Convening for all FYSI Liaisons, will present opportunities for FYSI Liaisons to: connect foster youth students to financial aid and other important services, connect with statewide FYSI partners to learn about resources, and connect with each other to exchange ideas and best practices. Click here to download the participant packet (pdf).

Blueprint Conference, presented by John Burton Advocates for Youth (October 16-17, 2017 Los Angeles, CA): This dynamic event combines meaningful networking opportunities with in-depth workshops presented by professionals with a passion and aptitude for supporting foster youth. October 16-17, 2017 at Sheraton Gateway LAX. For more information and to download presentations click here.

Webinar: New FYSI Liaision Orientation, Click to view recorded webinar (September 13, 2017):
FYSI Liaisons play a vital role in the lives of current and former foster youth on a community college campus. The New FYSI Liaison Orientation will provide an overview of the history and mission of FYSI, highlight roles and responsibilities of the FYSI Liaison, and share valuable resources and tools from the FYSI Training Manual. FYSI Liaison Guest speaker Tia Holiday from Skyline College shares her experience as the FYSI Liaison on her campus. Please click here to view the PowerPoint slides.

Webinar: On-Campus Support & Resources for Foster Youth in College, Click to view recorded webinar, presented by John Burton Advocates for Youth (March 9, 2017):
This web seminar featured Deborah Pruitt with John Burton Advocates for Youth, Jessica Smith, the Statewide FYSI Liaison with the Foundation for California Community Colleges; Kalynda Webber McLean, Dean of Student Success at Pierce College; and Kizzy Lopez, the Renaissance Scholars Program with CSU Fresno. Attendees learned about the support and resources available to current and former foster youth on college campuses, including the various types of campus support programs, priority enrollment, student housing, tutoring, counseling and mentoring.

Webinar: Data to Promote Foster Youth Success, Click to view recorded webinar (April 20, 2016): Increasingly colleges are recognizing the value of using data to inform the design of programs in order to ensure that resources are leading to desired outcomes. Collecting accurate data on foster youth attending the community college system is critical and directly impacts potential resources available to support FYSI program. Come learn about tools to access and gather data, and how this can be used to inform FYSI programs and services.
Guest Speaker: Debbie Raucher, California College Pathways