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How do I contact another FYSI Liaison or other Foster Youth Support Campus Contacts?

Each of the 114 California Community Colleges has at least one FYSI Liaison. Please use the links below to find out how to contact the foster youth support contact person on a campus near you:

Who is my FYSI Regional Representative?

To find out in which FYSI Region your campus is located, and to find out who your Regional Representative is, please see the FYSI Regional Map (pdf)

Other foster youth support program partners:

  • Foster Youth Services Coordinating (FYSC) Programs - serving County Offices of Education on the K-12 level County Contacts listed here
  • Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Education Support (CAFYES) - also known as NextUp, operates on 41 California community college campuses Click here for more info
  • Youth Empowerment Strategies for Success - Independent Living Skills Program (YESS-ILP) - operates on 16 California community college campuses, and unites community partners and academic leaders to empower current and former foster youth to transition into independent living Click here for more info
  • Independent Living Programs (ILP), assists current and former foster youth between the ages of 16 and 21 to achieve self-sufficiency upon exiting the foster care system. ILP Local Program Contact List (pdf) (last updated 2014)
  • THP-Plus, which provides supportive housing to former foster youth, age 18 to 24; THP+FC, which provides supportive housing to youth age 18 to 21 who are still in foster care. THP-Plus/FC information and provider rosters can be found by clicking here