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Listserv Information

Updates and information relating to the following programs are published on their individual listserv.  Instructions for the Admissions, Assessment, Early Assessment Program (EAP), Counseling and SSSP (formerly Matriculation) listservs are provided below.

To subscribe to the Admissions Listserv please contact

To subscribe to the Assessment Listserv:
Send an e-mail to
In the body of the e-mail, type: subscribe cccaa
Use no subject or signatures. A confirmation note will be sent immediately.
Direct questions concerning this listserv to Mark Samuels:, 619-482-6507.

To subscribe to the EAP Listserv:
Leave the subject area blank.
In the body of the message type SUBSCRIBE CCC-EAP Mary Smith. Substitute your first and last names in place of "Mary Smith".
Do not include a signature or any other information.
All new subscription requests are responded to with a confirmation email to the subscribed address.

To subscribe to the CCC-Counseling Listserv:
Send an e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET from the email account you want subscribed.
In the body of the e-mail message write SUBSCRIBE CCC-COUNSELORS. No subjects or signatures, please.
The LISTSERV will return a confirmation message to the subscribing address.
To send an email to the list: CCC-COUNSELORS@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET
To contact the list owner: CCC-COUNSELORS-request@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET
To unsubscribe from the list:

To subscribe to the SSSP/Matriculation Listserv:
Send an e-mail message to
Do not put any words in the subject area.
Put SUBSCRIBE CCC-MATRIC in the body of a BLANK, NON-HTML e-mail.
Follow the simple instructions in the confirmation email to finish the subscription process. The confirmation process is used to reduce fraudulent use of listserv.
You will receive confirmation by return e-mail.
For technical support, contact CCC-MATRIC-request@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET.