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Campus Based Grants (CBG)

The CCC SMHP has selected 23 California community college campuses or consortia of campuses (representing a total of 30 campuses) to expand and enhance their capacity on campus and through community linkages to address the mental health prevention and early intervention needs of their students, faculty, and staff. Selection priority has been given to colleges or consortiums that demonstrate through responses to the Technical Proposal that they have a viable existing infrastructure (such as health, mental health, or other student support services) on which additional activities can be expanded, enhanced, and leveraged. Ultimately, through the support received by this cohort of grantees, benefits can be realized by the entire CCC system and by colleges that did not receive funding for a campus grant. It is expected that this effort, along with the other CCC SMHP components, will result in examples of model programs, services, strategies and tools that can be shared and disseminated to the entire system as well as to campuses in the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems. As a result of the Campus Based Grants RFA, 22 campuses or consortiums have been awarded campus based grant. For a list of the awardees please download the CBG Notice of Intent to Award pdf located below.

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  • NEW! Overview of CBG Awardees - PDF
  • CBG Notice of Intent to Award - PDF
  • CCC SMHP Campus Based Grants (CBG) Request for Application (RFA) #12-003 - PDF
  • California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) Board of Directors, Alternate and County Listing - PDF
  • CalMHSA County Liason Contact Information - PDF