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Local Program Contacts

MHS Local Program Contacts

Mental health services vary from college to college due. Some colleges may not have any mental health services on campus, or, even a health center, given that there is not categorical or direct funding for mental health services.  Generally, mental health services are provided under the umbrella of campus health services, which is at the discretion of each community college district’s local Board of Trustees.  Students may also receive mental health services through general counseling or through Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) if they have a documented psychological disability or seek an accommodation for this disability. The Chancellor's Office does not maintain a central list of contacts of colleges’ mental health providers.

As part of the funding received from CalMHSA, colleges that received campus based grants identified a key contact for overseeing their mental health program. Those contacts can be found here.

For information about local contacts for health services, please visit the  Health Services Association of California Community Colleges (HSACCC).

The Mental Health and Wellness Association (MHWA) is another good resource for local contacts. Please visit the MHWA website for more information.

Mental Health Contact  Lists

The majority of funding available through the Mental Health Services Act (Prop. 63) is allocated and implemented at the county level through county behavioral services agencies. Local county contact information for mental health is provided below:

·    County MHSA Coordinators contact list:


·    Mental Health Directors contact list: