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In January, 2015, California Community Colleges were required to submit Student Equity Plans that contained college research into student groups experiencing achievement gaps, and the goals, activities and expenditures the college planned to address those gaps. On March 18-20, 2015 the Chancellor’s Office brought together a panel of thirty college volunteers representing faculty, students, researchers, administrators, and others to read and provide feedback to colleges on their plans.  Readers were asked to evaluate plans for compliance with title 5 regulations and Education Code (Ed. Code) subdivision (d), Sections 78220-78221 (added by the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 860 in June, 2014). We also asked readers to comment on what colleges did well in the plans, highlighting any innovative practices or approaches. After each team had commented on their assigned plans, we asked them to help us identify colleges that had well-constructed plans that could be used as models for other colleges.  Readers identified the following college plans as some of the best plans they had read, due to the innovative practices, organization of the plan, and/or alignment of the research with the goals, activities, evaluation and funding.  This is only a partial list of all the colleges identified and is intended to present a mix of colleges from southern and northern California, and rural, urban and suburban campuses.  In some cases we have also included plans from colleges that readers did not specifically identify as being a model plan, but who had solid plans that generally complied with regulations and statute.

Fullerton College Plan and Reader Feedback
Los Angeles Pierce College Plan and Reader Feedback
Santa Monica College Plan and Reader Feedback
Sacramento City College Plan and Reader Feedback