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New Regional Senator

Region Chairs must submit the following to &

  • Region Senator's Name
  • Region Senator's College
  • Region Senator's Email Address
  • Region Senator's type - Governance & Policy or External Affairs
  • Minutes of meeting where election occurred to demonstrate quorum

Confirmed Region Senators will receive eligibility paperwork that is due on the following schedule:

DUE June 12 at NOON
 to attend the July Leadership Training & Regular Meeting.
DUE July 17 at NOON to attend the August Regular Meeting.
DUE August 14 at NOON to attend the September Regular Meeting.
DUE September 18 at NOON to attend the October Regular Meeting.
DUE October 16 at NOON to attend the Fall 2015 General Assembly.
DUE November 20 at NOON to attend the December Regular Meeting.
DUE December 18 at NOON to attend the January Regular Meeting.
DUE January 15 at NOON to attend the February Regular Meeting.
DUE February 19 at NOON to attend the March Regular Meeting.
DUE March 18 at NOON to attend the April Regular Meeting.
DUE April 15 at NOON to attend the Spring 2015 General Assembly.
DUE May 20 at NOON to attend the June Regular Meeting.
DUE June 10 at NOON to attend the July Leadership Summit & Regular Meeting.