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The Complete Guide to the Student Right-to-Know Database

In order to complete the IPEDS-GRS/SRTK Federal Reporting Requirements, the Student Right-To-Know Task Force has designed a series of four downloadable tables to host the requisite information about your SRTK cohort. Additionally, in an effort to provide a means to derive other pertinent measures from consistent data across all California Community Colleges, the cohort of students in these tables has been "Expanded" to include all first-time freshmen (excludes noncredit students) in a full-year cohort. The ESRTK dataset is a portable, ASCII text-based relational database that can be viewed and queried in its native format by BrioQuery. A copy of BrioQuery (one per college) was sent to all District MIS/Research departments in 1997. In order to have BrioQuery read the ESRTK files, you will need to perform a one-time setup procedure, explained in the "Brio Query Connections Cookbook".

District/College Dataset Downloads (Secured)

SRTK Table Information

The COHORT Table

This is the main table of the set. There exists one record in the cohort table for each student in the cohort; its keyfields are "college_id" and "SSN". To be a member of the cohort, the student must be a first-time freshman between the Fall term of the cohort year and the following Spring term (students who are first-time in the Summer term prior to the primary Fall term are normally coded as first-time freshmen in the Fall term and would be included). The COHORT table includes many demographical fields about the student as they were submitted as of the students' first term. The COHORT table also includes flagged fields denoting whether the student is part of the IPEDS-GRS cohort (a subset), whether they earned any type of award, became "Student Transfer Prepared", or transferred to another 4-year institution.

The AWARDS Table

The AWARDS table is a detail table that links back to the COHORT table on the field "SSN". There is one record for each award earned by a student over the cohort tracking period. If a student earned more than one award, there will be multiple records for that students' SSN. The student could have earned the award at any college within the CCC system.


The ENROLLMENT table is a detail table that links back to the COHORT table on the field "SSN". There is one record for each enrollment attempted by a student over the cohort tracking period at any college in the CCC system. This table includes all courses completed and attempted, all grades, withdrawls, CR, pass/fails and incompletions, along with units attempted, earned, and grades.


The TRANSFER table is a detail table that links back to the COHORT table on the field "SSN". There is one record for each student in the COHORT table who transferred to another institution outside the CCC system during the cohort tracking period. This table shows where and when the student transferred. The 1995 Transfer table structure has been changed effective January 1, 2000. The new table structure includes National Student Loan Clearinghouse matches for those colleges that are NSLC members.