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Research Methods

Data Analysis

All About the Regression Discontinuity Design

Regression to the Mean: An Example from Murder Rates

Caveats on the Propensity Score Method

Structural Equation Modeling: Some Issues

Path of Effects: Moderators and Mediators

Effect Size Interpretation: Points from the MDRC

A College-Level Measure for Academic Preparedness

Cautions About the Regression Effect

Advice on Causal Analysis of School-Level Data

Choosing Between SAS, Stata, and SPSS

Classification Differences Between Linear Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression

Advice on Confidence Intervals

Guidance on Hierarchical Regression

On the Importance of Independence

Propensity Scores: An Introduction and Experimental Test

Some Important Tips for Factor Analysis

On Reporting the Effect Size of a Study

Tips on Reporting P-Values

Survey Research

Concurrent Survey Response Modes (Web & Mail)

Lotteries as Aids to Surveys

Extremes and Modes in Surveys

Negativity Bias in Open-ended Responses

Public Opinion About Surveys

Improving Your Web Survey Response Rate

Cognitive Interviews for Survey Pretesting: Sources of Error

Going Single—Validity of Single-Item Survey Measurement

Multiple Race Data: Bridging Different Survey Datasets

A Census Revolution: The American Community Survey

Public Opinion of California Higher Education: A PPIC Study

Asking the Right Questions: How Cognitive Interviews Improve Surveys in Education Research

Benefits of Personalization for Web Survey Invitations

Effects of Visual Spacing on Survey Responses

Estimating Nonresponse Bias by Using Community-Level Data

Groves: Nonresponse Bias in Household Surveys

Incremental Survey Incentives

A Meta-Analysis of the Validity of Self-Reported GPA

New Evidence on the "No Opinion" Response Option

The Paging/Scrolling Question in WebSurvey Design

Using Pictures in Web Surveys

Potential Bias in Zip Codes

A Reference Book for Survey Researchers

Some Rules for Online Research

Survey Response Rates: Web vs. Mail

Types of Advance Contact in Surveys


Doctoral Programs in Education: Training in Research Methods

Classifying Youth as At-Risk

Classifying Perfectionist Students

Writing for a Peer-Reviewed Journal

A Different Approach for Analyzing Transfers from 2-Year Colleges

An Instrument for Measuring Classroom and School Community

Psychological Assessment of API College Students