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Tech Awards

The CCC Technology Awards


This program honors campus projects that have identified and solved significant problems worthy of emulation - to serve users, provide for professional development of campus constituencies, or otherwise apply the potential of educational technologies to the business and mission of the institution. The categories for awards are: Technology Focus awards including Technology Applications and Distance Learning; Excellence in Leadership and an award for the System Office TIPS newsletter "Contribution of the Year." The awards are to recognize excellence that evolves out of a comprehensive planning process closely linked to the institution's mission and vision for the future. It reflects strategic, integrated uses of technology to empower faculty, sources within reach of all campus constituents - and often the wider community.

On campuses everywhere, individuals within the educational technology community are resolving common institutional and instructional management challenges with ingenuity and resourcefulness. The California Community College, System Office wishes to acknowledge such contributions and to draw attention to initiatives that's may serve as models for others.

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