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360 Degree Feedback


By measuring the effectiveness/quality of our service, we hope to better position the colleges to support their students.

  • One of the three categories of measures included in the accountability for and measurement of key talent grant activities in the ARCC 2.0 framework is Quality of Service. 
  • Quality of Service was to be measured by a 360-degree evaluation provided by the Chancellor’s Office for key talent roles that include:  Regional Consortia (RC), Sector Navigators (SNs), Deputy Sector Navigators (DSNs) and Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs).
  • A competency-based 360-degree Feedback survey was developed and administered as a pilot for one key talent group, TAPs, from September 2016 – December 2016.
  • A competency-based 360-degree Feedback survey has been developed for DSNs, the next key talent group to receive 360-degree feedback (March 2017 – June 2017).
  • Sector Navigators will begin their 360-degree feedback process in June. 

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