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Grant Staff Assignments

Monitors for Doing What Matters Labor Market Regions

Monitors for
Doing What MATTERS Labor Market Regions
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Monitors/Analysts by  Economic Region - applies to Regional Consortia,
Deputy Sector Navigator grants (Effective May 1, 2015)

Economic Region Monitors  Analysts
Northern Coastal Nick Esquivel  Anita Rios
Northern Inland Nick Esquivel    Anita Rios
Greater Sacramento        Nick Esquivel   Anita Rios
North Bay JoAnne Vorhies  Anita Rios
East Bay JoAnne Vorhies  Anita Rios
Mid-Peninsula Maureen White  Abbie Singleton
Silicon Valley Maureen White  Abbie Singleton
Santa Cruz & Monterey Maureen White  Abbie Singleton
Central Jean Claude Mbomeda     Mary Anne Kloss
Mother Lode Jean Claude Mbomeda  Mary Anne Kloss
South Central Katie Faires  Mary Anne Kloss
Los Angeles Carol Jong  Suzanne Louie
Orange County Robin Harrington  Suzanne Louie
Inland Empire/Desert Katie Gilks  Anita Rios
San Diego/Imperial Laura Casillas  Suzanne Louie


Monitors/Analysts by Sector - applies to Sector Navigator grants 

Sector Monitor   Analyst 
Advanced Manufacturing Katie Faires Mary Anne Kloss
Advanced Transportation &
John Dunn     Suzanne Louie
Agriculture, Water &
   Environment Technologies
Katie Gilks   Anita Rios
Energy (Efficiency) & Utilities Nick Esquivel Anita Rios
Global Trade & Logistics Carol Jong Suzanne Louie
Allied Health  Brenda Fong Suzanne Louie
Information & Communication Tech (ICT)/  
   Digital Media                         
Jean Claude Mbomeda Mary Anne Kloss 
Life Sciences/Biotech Joanne Vorhies Anita Rios
   ‘Learn and Earn’
Laura Casillas Suzanne Louie
Small Business Maureen White  Abbie Singleton


Monitors for Technical Assistance Provider, Statewide Special Projects and ‘Other’ Grants 

Grant Domain Monitor Analyst
Nursing Brenda Fong/
Cynthia McFarland
Suzanne Louie
SB 70 grants (Prior to July 1, 2013) Cynthia McFarland Suzanne Louie
Perkins 1B – Joint Special Populations
   Advisory Committee (JSPAC), Special Populations
   Collaborative Projects, Office for Civil Rights
   Compliance Reviews
Dean Debra Jones Abbie Singleton
SB 1402 – Leadership & Coordination Dean Debra Jones Abbie Singleton
SB 1402 (Prior to July 1, 2013) Katie Gilks Suzanne Louie
Labor Market Centers of Excellence Nick Esquivel Anita Rios
California CareerCafe Dean Walter DiMantova Suzanne Louie
Apprenticeship John Dunn/Nick Esquivel    Suzanne Louie
Perkins 1B (incl. Public Safety, ECE, & others)             Dean Debra Jones Abbie Singleton
California Energy Commission (CEC) John Dunn/Nick Esquivel   Abbie Singleton
Workbased Learning Maureen White Mary Anne Kloss
AB 86 – Adult Education Neil Kelly Karen Baker
Fiscal April Lovan-Martinez Abbie Singleton
LaunchBoard & Data Tools/Evaluation Nicholas Esquivel/
Jillianne Leufgen
Abbie Singleton
WEDD Intranet/Extranet/
   Digital Communications/Media
Javier Romero Nita Patel
Perkins Risk-Based Monitoring Robin Harrington Mary Anne Kloss


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