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FAQ Banner - California Community College Transfer Guarantee to Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which community colleges will I need to attend to take advantage of the Transfer Guarantee to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) agreements?

A. You may attend any one or more California Community Colleges.


Q. Can I apply to HBCUs at no cost?

A. The application fee may be waived when it is determined by a counselor that a student will meet the Guarantee Transfer Agreement criteria. The fee waiver code can be provided by a Community College counselor or a Transfer Center Director.


Q. How do I obtain more information about the agreements and the participating Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

A. Information about the program and participating Historically Black Colleges and Universities may be obtained by visiting the website Agreements page provides details about the agreements -- The Participating HBCUs page contains a list of the current participating HBCUs and a link to their websites.

Q. When I apply to an HBCU, should I send my transcript immediately or wait to be asked to submit it?

A. Your college transcript should be submitted at the time of application.

Q. Is family housing available?

A. Residence Halls or nearby housing is available at most of the partnered HBCUs. For additional information contact the schools using the links available on Participating HBCU.

Q. Can I still transfer even if I do not meet all of the requirements of the Transfer Admissions Guarantee?

A. Students may transfer to some HBCU with less than a 2.5 and less than 30 transferable units.

Q. Who do I contact for any additional Transfer Guarantee to HBCU program questions?

A. For additional questions, visit the Contact Us page.