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Fund for Instructional Improvement (FII)


The Fund for Instructional Improvement (FII) revolving loan program was Chaptered in 1977, and is the oldest funding source for faculty and staff development focusing on instruction in the California Community College system. The program is covered under Education Code, Section 84831 and title 5, sections 56682 and 56684 (Attachment 1). The criteria for funding as specified in section 56682, states that loans are to be awarded in accordance with the same criteria, standards and processes which are applicable to FII grants.

Loan funds are subject to the same constraints applicable to grant funds pursuant to section 56676 (d), except that loan funds may be used to purchase equipment. Repayment of loans is done over a three year period as specified in section 56684. Upon the certification by the Chancellor, a loan is drawn from the Community College Fund for Instructional Improvement by the State Controller in favor of the district receiving the loan. During each of the three years, beginning with the fiscal year immediately succeeding the fiscal year in which the loan is made, the State Controller deducts from the second principal apportionment from Section B of the State School Fund an amount equal to one third of the amount loaned to the district.


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