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Equivalency and Internship

If your qualifications are not exactly as described above, or if your academic degree is not one of those specified on the statewide disciplines list of reasonably related degrees, you may still apply at most districts if you feel your qualifications are equivalent to the statewide minimum qualifications.

The process for considering equivalency applications is different from district to district, but is always controlled primarily by faculty (except for administrative positions). Determinations are generally made either by the selection committee for a particular position, or by a standing equivalency committee. Equivalency applicants are asked to supply details and documentation to support their case.

Some districts also have internship programs, through which graduate students who do not yet meet the minimum qualifications may teach as part-time faculty members, or as assistants in a regularly staffed classroom. The purpose of these programs is to introduce graduate students, especially in hard-to-recruit disciplines, to the community college environment and student populations; and to enhance faculty diversity by placing special emphasis on attracting qualified graduate students who are members of underrepresented groups.

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