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Role of the CalWORKs State Advisory Committee:  

The Chancellor’s Office regularly convenes the California Community Colleges CalWORKs State Advisory Committee. The committee provides guidance on policy development, overall program implementation, best practices, and identifies needs of students and the college CalWORKs programs.
The representatives also disseminate CalWORKs information within their region, association or constituency. All members are expected to attend the four (4) annual meetings at the Chancellor’s Office. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. Members are expected to contribute at the meetings, participate in work groups and represent the needs/concerns of their region or program. The Chancellor’s Office may cover travel costs depending on available funding.

The regional representatives will meet with their regions following each CalWORKs State Advisory Committee meeting and will disseminate the information discussed. In addition, the representatives will act as a resource within their regions, and will carry regional concerns and questions back to the CalWORKs State Advisory Committee. The program representatives will act as resources to the Advisory Committee in their fields of expertise, and will help the group understand or determine program issues and recommendations in relationship to other college programs and services. The co-chair will work with the Chancellor’s Office CalWORKs coordinator to develop meeting agendas and will co-facilitate the meetings. The co-chair will appoint an alternate if unable to attend a meeting.

The co-chair will also represent the group as necessary and will play a lead role in working with the Chancellor’s Office staff in support of the CalWORKs Program. Recorder: Minutes will be completed within two weeks of the meeting date and sent to the CalWORKs State Advisory Committee members and Chancellor’s Office CalWORKs staff via email. The minutes will be reviewed at the following meeting for any corrections.
Role of the CalWORKs Regions and Regional Representatives:

The college CalWORKs programs are divided into ten regions designated for student services categorical programs. The colleges in each region select a regional representative from among its CalWORKs directors/coordinators, who then represents those colleges on the California Community Colleges CalWORKs State Advisory Committee and facilitates the sharing of information between the Chancellor’s Office and the colleges.

In addition, when the Chancellor’s Office drafts policies and processes, or requires feedback on other programmatic issues, the regional representative acts as a conduit to collect input from the colleges within their region. The regional representatives also help facilitate the sharing of information and best practices with the colleges within their region.

The Chancellor’s Office recommends that the colleges meet within their region at least once each quarter, or more frequently if they are able to do so. The Chancellor’s Office designates funds each year to support regional efforts. The funds are allocated to the college of the regional representative who coordinates the development of an annual plan for the region and maintains oversight of the expenditures to ensure they meet Chancellor’s Office guidelines. The funds may be utilized for a variety of regional needs and activities including local training efforts, travel to required Chancellor’s Office meetings and trainings, coordination with local county welfare offices, and regional outreach efforts Regional representatives, or their designees, are also members of the Board of Directors of the California Community Colleges CalWORKs Association.