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Instructions to be added to the Chancellor's Office "eops-all" alias listserv:

Official updates and information related to CARE/EOPS are disseminated by the Chancellor's Office to campus CARE/EOPS program staff through the "eops-all" alias listserv, which is the primary means of communication with CARE/EOPS programs throughout the state. To receive “eops-all” listserv e-mails, please contact the district/college IT to request that an “eops-all” pointer be assigned to your work e-mail address. To be added to this listserv, you must be a campus CARE and/or EOPS program staff.

Instructions for registering for the CAFYES listserv:

Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support (CAFYES) program guidance is disseminated by the Chancellor's Office to college CAFYES staff primarily through its CAFYES listserv. Any interested California Community Colleges staff member is welcome to join the CAFYES listserv through self-registration.