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EOPS/CARE/CAFYES Legal References

EOPS was established into law by the Legislature in 1969 (SB 164, Alquist). The California Education Code, Article 8, Sections 69640-69656 outline the mandated fundamental goals and program activity objectives for EOPS. The California Code of Regulations (Title 5), Chapter 2.5 (Sections 56200-56292) outline the general provisions and requirements, student eligibility and responsibility, program standards, EOPS financial aid standards, staffing standards, plans and priorities, and funding and expenditures as mandated and required for EOPS.

CARE was established by the Legislature in 1982 (AB 3103, Hughes) as a state-funded supplemental service component of EOPS.  All CARE students are EOPS students first.  Therefore, every CARE participant must be eligible for EOPS and receive all EOPS supportive services.  CARE-funded services are offered to eligible students over, above and in addition to those services provided by EOPS.

The following are the links to the California Education Code and Title 5 regulations. Also attached are other memos and advisories that relate directly to the EOPS/CARE Programs.
CAFYES was established through Chapter 771, Statutes of 2014 (SB 1023, Liu), as a state-funded component of EOPS.  Its purpose is to encourage the enrollment, retention and transfer of current and former foster youth in California’s community colleges by establishing an education program that provides services that promote their academic success.