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The Chancellor’s Office has initiated two important communication structures to improve the communication of information relating to veterans and veterans services:

  • Veterans Services Advisory Committee - The Chancellor’s Office has established the Veteran Services Advisory Committee to facilitate communication, identify student veteran needs, and encourage the exchange of innovative ideas and effective practices throughout the system. The Committee meets in person two times a year and also holds conference calls on an as needed basis.


  • System Wide Email List - The Chancellor's Office has established an internal system wide email list known as an "alias list" to communicate information related to veterans services to designated staff at each of the 113 California community colleges. This list provides an efficient way to distribute important or urgent information to all veterans program staff, faculty and administrators at each college, and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas between colleges about issues related to student veterans. Members of the list should include all persons interested in Veterans Services and should always include the director or manager of veterans programs.  To ensure full dissemination of important information we recommend all school certifying officials, veterans counselors, and those involved in veterans programming subscribe to the list.  If you are interested in subscribing to the list please review the Alias List Overview and Subscription Instructions and work with your district MIS staff to add you.