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Strategic Planning


Transfer Rate Debate

Meta-analysis of Accountability and High Stakes U.S. Testing

Community College Characteristics Linked to Student Success

County Health and School District Performance in California

Playing the U.S. News & World Report Ranking Game

A Performance Adjustment Model for Community College Transfer

Public Opinion of California Higher Education: A PPIC Study

A College-Level Measure for Academic Preparedness

The Rand Report on a K-20 Student Unit Record (SUR) for California

Milestones and Momentum Points for Analyzing Student Progress

Lessons from a Case Study on Institutional Effectiveness

On Adjusted Performance Measures

Civic Benefits of Community Colleges

On Evaluating California's Community Colleges

A Bit of Evidence for Validity of the US News & World Report Rankings

Grading Accountability Report Cards

Measures of Community College Performance: The Economist

Measuring Up 2006: The State Report Card on Higher Education

A Potential Pitfall of School Accountability Plans

Secondary Benefits of College Education

Socioeconomic Benefits of Community Colleges: The Texas Case Study

Planning and Management

The Efficient Community College: A Positive Trend

The Bahr Study of Student Types in the Community Colleges

Benefits of Funding Student Services

Education as Preventive Medicine

Importance of Education for African-American Males

Improving the Nation’s Health Through Higher Education

Student Flow Analysis

Immigrant Digital Divide

Recommendations for Analyses of Economic Impact

Institution-wide Versus Department-wide Strategic Plans

Hispanics and English Usage: A Pew Study

Recommendations for Evaluators of Mass Media Efforts

Secondary Benefits of College Education

An Analysis of Community College Funding

Benefits of Perceived Effort

Bibliograpny of Strategic Management for the Public Sector

Building Virtual Communities

Control of the Internet Access in Higher Education

On Improving Educational Administration Programs

Managerial Involvement & the Strategic Process

The Need for Institutional Researchers

State Dual Enrollment Policies: Addressing Access and Quality

Stress Among Information System Professionals

A Study of Community College Institutional Research

A Study of Support for Strategic Planning in One State

The Under-Representation of Women in Community College Administration

Social Trends

An Assessment of Higher Education Funding Models

About Rapid County Population Growth

Broadband in California: A PPIC Analysis

How California Business Leaders Rate Public Education: A 2007 Survey

The Effects of Broadband on Output and Employment in the U.S.

Future Generations of Immigrant Populations

A Gray Peril?

Immigrant Assimilation and Academic Achievement

Research and Vintage Human Capital

Segmented Assimilation: More Evidence

What do Californians Think About Their Public Schools?