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Student Learning/Participation

Distance Education and Information Technology

Computers and College Access Gap

Comparing Online and In-Person Teaching of a Political Science Course

Online Teaching and Learning Literature Review

How Self-Regulated Learning Translates into Academic Performance

The Demographics of Latinos Online

Demographics of Digital Use (As of 2001)

Is Distance Learning Equal To Face-To-Face?

The Geographic Digital Divide

The Intro Statistics Course: Web vs. Face-to-Face

Learning About the "Net Generation"

A Model of Student Attitudes Toward Flexible Online Learning

Does the Online Course Take More Faculty Effort?

Do Part-Time Faculty Have Enough Access to Web Tools?

A Review of the Literature on Online Teaching

Risk Factors Among Community College Distance Learners

A Student Survey of Online Instruction at a Midwest University

A Study of Web-Based Instruction

The Supply Side of the Digital Divide

Participation and Learning

College-student Under-match: the Smith, et al, Study

A Study of College-Student Mismatch

The Link between Local Unemployment Rates and CC Enrollments

A Test of College Remediation Effects in Texas

A Link Between College Enrollment and the Housing Boom/Bust

A Community College Effect on Educational and Career Plans

NCES 2008 Report for Community Colleges

Tuition Level and College Enrollment: Shin & Milton

Impact of Remedial Ed: The Calcagno-Long Study

An Evaluation of California Community College Financial Aid Offices

Community College Use of the California Standards Test (CST)

The Role of College Counseling in High School

State Articulation Agreements & Probability of Transfer

Community Colleges as a Bridge to Science & Engineering Degrees

How Community Colleges Increase Achievement of Bachelor's Degrees

Community College Student Persistence and Student Loans

Coursetaking Patterns Among Urban Community College Students

Developmental Education and the Online Course Format

Goals and Outcomes of Community College Students in the U.S.

Impact of the Community College Student's First Semester

In Higher Education While Working

The Impact of Enrollment Pathways and Milestones on Community College Student Outcomes

Improving Success Among Remedial Students: Florida Data

Insights From Event History Analysis: Math and The Older Student

The Link Between Attitude Toward Math and Math Achievement

Long-Term Impacts of Perceived College Costs

A Matter of Degrees: Improving Graduation Rates in Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Meeting Community College Student Needs

A Meta-Analysis on Self-Beliefs and Academic Achievement

A Model for Researching Student Commitment

Potential Advantage of Institutions with Less Restrictive Admissions

Predictors of Retention and GPA

Psychosocial and Study Skill Factors (PSF) and College Outcomes

Is Remediation In College Effective?

New Research on How Community Colleges Increase Achievement of Bachelor's Degrees

Small Classes and Student Behavior

Teen Expectations for the 4-Year College Degree

A Test of the Intensive Course Format vs. the Semester-Length Format

The Trend in Developmental Education

An Unrealistic Climb in Educational Ambitions?

Student Diversity and Achievement

Community College Paths Linked to Remedial Math

Black-White Achievement Gap: Intergenerational Dimensions

Hispanic Students: Acculturation, Expectations, Support, and Perceived Barriers

Location Matters: Geography and Hispanic Community College Enrollment

Community College Use of the California Standards Test (CST)

African-American Student Effort

Factors in Completion at Four-Year Institutions: The Titus Study

When Students Predict Their Own Grades

A Small Study of Hispanic Community College Class Dropout

A Review of Studies of Southeast Asian American Education

Articulation Effects: the Roksa & Keith Study

2-Year College Path to BA/BS: Long & Kurlaender’s Study

Neighborhood Effects & African American College Aspiration

Merit Aid Effects: the Dynarski Study

In-State Tuition for the Undocumented: the Kaushal Study

4-Year College Student Dropout Risk and Financial Aid

The Shrinkage of Access to Postsecondary Education

Is Acting White Part of the Achievement Gap?

Aspirations of High School Seniors: A Los Angeles Study

Biculturalism and Persistence

The Black Digital Divide

College Grades, Degrees, Student Ethnicity, and First Language

Disidentification Theory and Black Academic Achievement

Distress Among Chicana College Students

On Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Latino Families

Female College Completion: An Analysis by Economists

Female College Completion: An Analysis by Sociologists

First-Generation Students on Their Preparation for College

Four-Year Degree Attainment: The Student Loan Effect

Do Girls Really Differ From Boys in Math and Science?

An Intervention to Cut the Black-White Achievement Gap

Motivation of Black Students in Higher Education

Motivations of Hispanic Students at a Community College in New York

Multiracial Students' Perception of Racism

A Qualitative Study Of Black Student Success and Family Ties

Regional Variation in the Black-White Higher Education Gap

A Small Study of Hispanic Community College Class Dropout

A Sobering Benefit of Diversity in Higher Education