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Workforce Development

Community Colleges

Job-Degree Match and Wages

Vocational Focus at Community Colleges

Some Benefits of Community Colleges to Young Men

California's Community Colleges and Local Labor Markets

Community College Benefits for Displaced Workers

Community Colleges and Local Economic Development

Community Colleges Help Shrink the Gender Wage Gap

Displaced Workers, Retraining, and Community Colleges

The Earnings Effect of Education at Community Colleges

The Effects of Bilingualism on Hispanic Earnings

Employee Training by Community Colleges

A Follow-up Study of Secondary CTE Students

The Job Training Effectiveness of Community Colleges

More Evidence of Community College Effects

New Evidence on How Community Colleges Help Increase Earnings

Welfare Reform and Access to Community Colleges

Other Educational Levels

Do Blacks and Hispanics Lag Behind Whites in Benefits from Education?

Cost of Delayed Degree Attainment

Does the "Horizontal" Transfer Hurt or Help?

Predictors of Dental Hygiene Test Results

Less Work and More School for Teens?

Labor Market Issues

Two Views of Labor Market for College-Educated

The Effect of Texas Community College Enrollment on Labor Market Outcomes and Educational Attainment

Summary of Research on Effects of Community College Attendance on Earnings(August 1, 2008)

College Persistence by Low-Wage Workers: An MDRC* Study

National Labor Force Trends: A Federal Reserve Bank Report

Noncredit Workforce Education: State Policies and Community College Practices

Research to Aid Policymaking: California’s Future Demand for Higher Education

Course Content for the IT Workforce (rev.12/1/03)

The Demand and Supply for Nurses

Foreign-Trained Registered Nurses

How Employers Value Postsecondary Vocational Education

An Exploration for the Gender Gap in Returns to Schooling

Expected Earnings and Going to College for Low-Income Students

International Context of Nursing Supply and Demand

A Tool in Occupational Information and Vocational Education

Wages: An Incomplete Measure of Labor Outcomes

When Unemployment Duration Signals a Positive Factor