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Out-of-State Travel Request and Information

Out-of-State Travel Request Form (Rev. 10/11)
Out-of-State Travel Request Questions and Answers (Rev. 1-13) (PDF)

CCCCO/CTE Out-of-State Travel Request Form Revised (10/11)

This form has been revised to ensure if Title I-B (State Leadership),Title I-C (Perkins) or state SB 70 funds are to be used for Out-of-State travel, the proposed expenditures must reflect the most effective and prudent use of state/federal funds. It should be also understood that the “Estimated Total” are the “Maximum Reimbursable Costs”. 

The revised form standardizes how the requestor will contain costs by providing the references to California government contracted airfare rates and the federal continental United States (CONUS) travel cost guidelines. To look up the “CONUS” lodging rates, see CONUS Per Diem rates.

In submitting an Out-of-State travel request, the Project Director sends the Project Monitor an e-mail that includes the completed form as an attachment, in accordance to the following procedures:

  1. In the e-mail subject line, type: Out-of-State travel request.

  2. In e-mail body, state EITHER that the request (A) complies with the cost guidelines per the request form footnotes or (B) provide a justification for non-compliance.

  3. For a detailed explanation of the requirements for Out-of-State travel requests, please review the Out-of-State Travel Request Questions and Answers listed above. 

Project Monitor will review the request and e-mail a response. Keep a copy of the approval document and/or e-mail in the district audit files.

Use of the revised form is effective immediately.

Last Update: Thursday, September 18, 2014



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