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Announcement Notification

Memo Announcing 2015-16 Renewal Applications (Deputy Sector Navigator, Regional Consortia, Sector Navigator, and Technical Assistance Provider: Centers of Excellence for Labor-Market Research)

2015-16 Renewal Application Package

  • Appendix A– Article I-Program-Specific Legal Terms and Conditions and Article II Standard Legal Terms and Conditions (PDF)
  • Appendix B– Application Forms (Excel)
  • Appendix C– Guidelines, Definitions and Allowable Expenditures (PDF)
  • Appendix D– Common Metrics and Accountability Measures (PDF)
  • Appendix E– 2014-15 Renewals – Workplan Process (PDF)
  • Appendix F– Sector Specific Objectives (PDF)
  • Appendix G– Deputy Sector Navigator Minimum Qualifications (PDF)
  • Appendix H– Common Metrics Decision Tree (PDF)