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May 2012

Board of Governors Meeting Agenda for May 2012

Order of Agenda

Meeting Location

1102 Q Street, Third Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 445-8752

May 7, 2012

Consent Calendar
Item 1.1    Approval of the Minutes
Item 1.2    Approval of Contracts and Grants (Attachment)

Action Calendar
Item 2.1    Trustee Election Waiver at a Community College District (El Camino) (North Orange) (Riverside)
Item 2.2    Instructional Materials Regulations
Item 2.3    California and Oregon Interstate Attendance Agreement
Item 2.4    2012-13 Senate Bill 70 Proposed Expenditure Plan
Item 2.5    Capital Outlay Projects (Attachments A, B, C, and D)
Item 2.6    Systemwide Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan

First Reading
Item 3.1    Course Repeatability (PPT)

Information and Reports Calendar
Item 4.1    Update on the Activities of the Foundation for California Community Colleges (CO) (Forecast) (Survey)
Item 4.2    Budget Update (Attachment)
Item 4.3    State and Federal Update (Matrix)
Item 4.4    Update on the Implementation of Student Success Task Force Recommendation 3.1, to Establish System Level Enrollment Priorities (FAQ) (Flow Chart) (Regs)
Item 4.5  Update on the Implementation of the Student Success Task Force Recommendations (Attachment 1 and 2)
Item 4.6    Chancellor Appointment
Item 4.7    Discussion with Assembly Susan Bonilla (Not able to attend)

May 8, 2012

Recognition Calendar
Item 5.1    Classified Employee of the Year Awards
Item 5.2    Board of Governors Energy and Sustainability Awards

Information and Reports Calendar
Item 6.1    Update on the Implementation of Senate Bill 1440:  Student Transfer
Item 6.2    Update on the Umoja Community for Student Success
Item 6.3    Community College Contributions to Jobs and the Economy
Item 6.4    Board Member Reports