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September 2014 Retreat

Board of Governors Retreat Agenda for September 8, 2014

Order of Agenda

Meeting Location

Embassy Suites Sacramento
Steamboat Room
100 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 326-5000

September 8, 2014

Call to Order
9:00 AM

Roll Call

1. Strategic Plan Update
2. System Student Success Goals
3. External Financial Support for System Initiatives
4. Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)
5. Veterans Support
6. Community College Baccalaureate
7. Adult Education
8. Institutional Effectiveness (Technical Assistance) 
9. Accreditation
10. Workforce and Economic Development 
11. I Can Afford College, Step Forward, ADT
12. 50% law, 75/25, Faculty Obligation Number (FON)
13. Categorical Programs Update
14. Online Education
15. Campus Climate and Safety
16. Board Initiative on Civic Engagement

Public Forum
People wishing to make a presentation to the Board on a subject not on the agenda shall observe the following procedures:

A. A written request to address the board shall be made on the form provided at the meeting.
B. Written testimony may be of any length, but 50 copies of any written material are to be provided.
C. An oral presentation is limited to three minutes.  A group wishing to present on the same subject is limited to ten minutes.