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September 2015 Retreat

Board of Governors Retreat Agenda - September 20, 2015


Meeting Location

Folsom Lake College
FLC Community Room
10 College Parkway
Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 608-6500

September 20, 2015

Call to Order
1:00 PM

Roll Call

1. Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation and a Strong Economy (Item) (Attachment)
2. Basic Skills Education (Item)

Public Forum
People wishing to make a presentation to the Board on a subject not on the agenda shall observe the following procedures:

A. A written request to address the board shall be made on the form provided at the meeting.
B. Written testimony may be of any length, but 50 copies of any written material are to be provided.
C. An oral presentation is limited to three minutes.  A group wishing to present on the same subject is limited to ten minutes.