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October 2016

Printable Agenda

The items on this agenda will be discussed at the upcoming Consultation Council Meeting.

1. Student Senate Update

2. CCC Applied BA Pilot (SB 850) (Digest) (Pilot Program) (Timeline)

3. Workforce Task Force (Digest)

4. AB 86 Adult Education (Digest)

5. Proposed Change to Board of Governors’ Regulation on Accreditation (Digest) (Regulations)

6. State Legislative Update (Digest) (State Update) (Legislative Matrix)

7. State Legislative Program Task Force Update (Digest) (Program Overview) (Legislative Principles) (Proposals)

8. Title 5 Amendment: Nonresident Tuition Exemption – Implementation of AB 2000 (Digest) (Regulations)

9. Implementation of the Fall 2015 Faculty Obligation Number (Digest)

10. Other